BIND and DNS Software


DNS V1.0 is the DNS and BIND 4.9.7 port to the OSS/NSK environment. This software provides you with the standard unix dns server and all of the utilites and libraries. This includes the nslookup and the named server. Note the Guardian version will be release 1st quarter of 2004.

Sofware Included:

* named
* nslookup  * dig  * dnsquery * host
* named-xfer
* DNS Libraries (libresolv.a)  and include headers

Documentation Available:

* NSK-DNS V1.0 Installation and Reference Document 
* DNS AND BIND by Orielly.com

System Software Required for OSS version: 

*TCP/IP *NonStop Kernel Release D48.02/G06.04
*Open System Services 2.1

System Software Required for NSK version: 

*TCP/IP *NonStop Kernel Release D48.02/G06.04

Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:

*Himalaya K and S-Series

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