X 95
OSS X-Window Clients



X 95 provides the X-Window Release 5 environment on the HP NonStop OSS operating system. operating system. This software allows the X-Window client to execute on the OSS platform and display its output to an X-Terminal, Unix workstation, or PC X-Server. This release includes all the standard X-Window clients with modifications made to support the OSS system environments.

The standard X clients include the following:
*xconsole *xterm *puzzle *xclipboard *xlsclients *appres *xclock *xlsfonts *atobm *editres *xmag *bitmap *xcutsel *xman *bmtoa *listres *xditview *xmodmap *twm *xedit *maze *xev *viewres *xfd *xfontsel *xrdb *xhost *xrefresh *x3270 *xkill *xset *xauth *xload *xbiff *xlogo *xcalc *xlsatoms *xdm *nsk6530

Additional clients include:
*GNU gzip *GNU gnroff *xasteriods *xblast *xv *xftp *xfm *xcalendar *xchrono *xpostit *xpdf



Documentation Available:

*X 95 Users and Installation Guide (Acrobat)

System Software Required:

*NonStop Kernel Release D48.02/G06.04
*Open System Services
*90MB disk space

Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:

*HP NonStop K-Series or S-Series

Other Requirements:

*Unix X-Window workstation
*Windows 3.1/95/NT or Mac X-Server

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