Special Network Time Protocol Software

NSK-SNTP is system software which sets and maintains the system time-of-day in synchronism with internet or intra-net standard time servers with .001-second to .1 second accuracy. This is a client implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) version 3, but also retains compatibility with version 1 and 2 servers.

NSK-SNTP has been tested with many NTP appliance devices such as those from SyncServer S600. These devices enable you to provide local time services to your systems without exposing them to an external internet or extra-net. This provides you with secure time synchronization for your entire organization.

Sofware Included:

Documentation Available:
* NTP DataSheet  
* NTP Solution Overview  
* NSK-SNTP V1.3 Install and Configuration Guide (Acrobat) 
Software Available:
* NSK-SNTP V1.3 S,NS,J Series Software Zip File 
System Software Required: 
* TCP/IP *NonStop Kernel Release G06.22/H06.03/J06.03/L06.03
Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:
*NonStop S-Series, J-Series, and Nonstop L Series

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