PERL V5.4 for OSS
Pratical Programming Language

Perl54 is a general purpose language invented in 1987 by Larry Wall and has become the language of choice for Web Development, text processing, Internet services, mail filtering, graphical programming and every other task requiring portable and easily-developed solutions.

Perl54 is interpreted, so you can write your program and run it-there's no mandatory compilation phase. Since Perl programs need not be compilied for a paticular type of computer. they can run on all of them without modification.

Perl54 is fast. The Perl interpreter is writtent in C, and a decade of optimization have resulted in a fast executable.

Perl54 is complete. The best support of regular expressions in any langauge, internal support for had tables, a built-in debugger, facilities for report generation, networking functions, utilities for CGI scripts, database interfaces, arbitrary-precision arightmetic-all are bundled with Perl54.

Note that this is the free release of perl and there will be no support of this software and you use as it is. If you require support for PERL54, you must purchase the supported version of PERL54. You may report bugs at, but they will not be integrated in to this free release.

Sofware Included:

* Perl 
* Perl Libraries  Perl Scripts 
Documentation Available:
* Perl Installation Readme 
* Programming Perl, 2nd Edition (Orielly)
* Learning Programming Perl, 2nd Edition (Orielly)
* Advanced Programming Perl (Orielly)
* Web Client Programming with Perl (Orielly)
* Perl Resource Kit (Orielly)
System Software Required: 
*TCP/IP *NonStop Kernel Release D48.02/G06.04
*Open System Services 2.1
Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:
*Himalaya K and S-Series

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