The software that is include with X-Windows is the following:


X11 libraries

libX11.a libXau.a libXaw.a libXaw3d.a libXc.a libXdmcp.a

libXext.a libXmu.a libXt.a libXpm.a


Misc. Libraries

libz.a libjpeg.a


X11 Client Software

Mosaic imake uid xdm xmh

Xctest install vdcomp xdpr xmkmf

Xinvest listres viewres xdpyinfo xmodmap

Xquote lndir wsm xedit xpacman

ad2c lninst x11perf xev xpaint

animate makedepend x11perfcomp/ xeyes xpdf

appres makeman x3270 xfd xpostit+

atobm maze x3270if xfm xpr

bggen mkdirhier xasteroids xfm.install xprop

bitmap nc xauth xfmtype xrdb

bmtoa nedit xbiff xfontsel xrefresh

bsdinst nsk6530 xblast xftp xset

checkSysV panner xcalc xgal xsetroot

cjpeg pdftops xcalendar xgas xsnow

ckconfig pdftotext xchrono xhost xspread

debug periodic xclipboard xkill xstdcmap

djpeg piano xclock xload xtar

earth rgb xcmap xlogo xterm

editres sampler2_0 xcmsdb xlsatoms xtiff

fontname sessreg xcmstest xlsclients xtotroff

fontprop showrgb xconsole xlsfonts xv

gdf strings xcutsel xmag xwd

gxditview sysmon xdiff xman xwininfo

ico twm xditview xmfonts xwud


The most important X clients are xedit, nedit (for nice editor),

xfm ( a nice file manager for the system), xman (view man pages

on line), xconsole (ems message viewer),xterm (vt100 emulator),

x3270 (3270 emulator), xload ( cpu busy) xdiff (graphical file

diffence program),nsk6530 (6530 emulator), xchrono (view time

in different time zone), xclock (view local time),xpdf (pdf viewer)

xdm (direct logon interface to system), sysmon (system perfomance viewer)

xspread (spread sheet), mosaic (old html viewer), xcalendar

(event plannger and calendar>,xftp (graphical interface to ftp)

xkill (kill a window and process), xv (graphical image viewer)

and xpostit+ (sticky note pad).


Note we include a script for making man pages call makeman.

This allows you to pre-format man pages.


We also include a few games too:


xblast (multiplayer drop bomb on spaceman game), xpacman (pacman)

and xgal (Galatica video game)


/usr/local/bin Software


addftinfo gnroff gzcat nenscript tfmtodit

afmtodit gpic gzcmp nroff thumbnail

bison grefer gzdiff pal2rgb trace

cjpeg grodvi gzexe patch troff

djpeg groff gzforce pfbtops uid

eqn grog gzgrep pic unzip

error grops gzip psbb view

flex grotty gzmore rdjpgcom wrjpgcom

geqn gsoelim gznew refer zip

gindxbib gtbl jpegtran rgb2ycbcr

glookbib gtroff lkbib sysinfo

gmake gunzip makedepend tbl



We also include client and development man pages for all of the above

software. We also include the NSK system library calls too. This allows

you to lookup a system call in the OSS environment using the man command.