Sendmail V8G for GUARDIAN
Mail SMTP Subsystem


Sendmail V8G provides many of the same functions that have been available on unix workstations and server for many years. These functions include store and forward of mail, aliasing, domain name masquerading, mail delivery and mail receipt These functions also include handling individual user request such as mail forwarding. We have included the POP3 server with this software for ability to retreive e-mail remotely.

Sendmail V8G also provides some features that unix workstations and servers do not have. This is the ability to scale from one processor or one system image to many. On the Himalaya system, we can execute Sendmail on every available processor in parallel for sending and receiving mail. This allows Sendmail V8G to handle a very large number of mail messages per minute. So with Sendmail V8G, you can start with a two processor system and grow as your load does.

Overview of <I>sendmail</I>

Sofware Included:

*sendmail *deliver *DNS Utilities *uuencode/uudecode

Documentation Available:

*SENDMAIL Guardian Operation and Installation Guide
*O'REILLY SENDMAIL Desktop Reference

System Software Required:

*TCP/IP *NonStop Kernel Release D35.00/D45.00/G05.00/H06.03

Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:

*NonStop K, S-Series and Integrity Series

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