Sendmail V8
Electronic Mail SMTP Subsystem


Sendmail V8 provides many of the same functions that have been available on unix systems for many years:

* Store and forward of mail
* Domain name masquerading
* Mail forwarding by user
* POP3 server for remote e-mail retrieval
* Spam protection and relay protection
* User validation on all outgoing mail and ability to reject users
* Mailbox size control and user management routines

Sendmail V8 also provides some features that unix workstations and servers do not have:
* Scale from One to Many Processors
* Execute Sendmail on Every Processor in Parallel
* On a 16 processor system up to 3K Messages/second
* Load Limiting and Burst Detection
* Webmail cgi software
* 2 Gigabyte Mailbox size per user
* Future enhancements include 1 Terabyte Mailbox size per user

Overview of <I>sendmail</I>

Version 2.0 Benchmark Report:

* Sendmail V2.0 Benchmark Report

Software Included:

* elm * Fast Deliver (dlvd) * DNS 4.9.3 server and utilites *nslookup * curses * POP3D * IP Distributor
* vacation * webmail.cgi

Documentation Available:

* O'REILLY SENDMAIL 2nd Edition * O'REILLY SENDMAIL Desktop Reference
* ELM User Guide * ELM Reference Guide * Webmail Install and Config Guide

System Software Required:

* NonStop Kernel Release D48.00/G06.04
* TCP/IP * Open System Services 2.1 * DNS Software

Tandem Hardware Configuration Supported:

* Himalaya K and S-Series

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