MOTIF User and SDK software for OSS D45.01 or greater and G06.00 or greater. This software requires X11R5 software inorder to execute.This software includes support for a production environment if needed.
* Motif Install Guide(pdf) 
* Motif Clients & SDK Compressed tar Install 
Win32API software provides you with the Win32API set on the NSK and a program that can execute win32 programs on the NSK. This sofware requires with D45.00/G05.00 or higher. Note that this was beta release and may still have many bugs.
* WIN32API Data Sheet 
* Win32Api Compressed Tar File 
* Win32API Install and User Guide  
* Win32API License Key  
* Win32API X-Window Runtime Compressed Tar File  
TCL software provides you with the TCL V7.5 shell utility, libraries, and man pages. This sofware requires with D48.00/G06.04 or higher.
* TCL Compress Tar File 
* TCL Install Readme  
PERL V5.4 with patch 4, 2nd release. This is the standard PERL software that allows you to do almost any thing you could do from the ksh, C, sed and awk in one program. This software requires D48.00/G06.04 or higher. This software includes support for a production environment if needed.
* PERL 5.4P4 Install README 
* Perl 5.4 Compressed Tar file 
* Perl 5.4 UPDATE 1 Compressed Tar file 
X11R5 User and Development software provides you with the standard X11R5 software including the development libraries. This include the GNU roff software, imake, makedepend and GNU compress software. This software does not include the Motif user applications or Motif libraries. We have also include our 6530 emulator,3270 emulator,EMS viewer, and System performance viewer. This sofware works with OSS D45.00 or G05.00 or higher. This software requires 170MB of disk space. Note that this release contains gmake, imake, nenscript, gzip, zip, sysinfo. So it is not necessary to download those tar.Z files. Note that the setdisplay tar file contains a shell script that will allow you to set your DISPLAY variable without knowing your current workstation ip address. This software includes support for a production environment.
* X-Window Compress Tar File 
* X-Window setdisplay shell script Tar File 
* xfm Application setup update Tar File 
* XChrono Time Fix Update Tar File 
* X11 Install Guide  
* X11 Client and Library Contents  
* nsk6530 User Guide  
* Sysmon User Guide  
X11R5 X-Windows for Guardian D3x or Higher. We have included our 6530 emulator and System performance viewer as a port of this release. This also includes xconsole which is an EMS viewer. This software requires 100MB's of disk space.
* X-Windows Self Installing Pak file 
* X-Windows Install Readme  
* X-Windows User Guide (Acrobat)  
* NSK6530 PC Keyboard keymap PAK file  
* X-Windows License Keys PAK file  
* Sysmon User Guide (Acrobat)  
* NSK6530 User Guide (Acrobat)  
imake software provides you with the standard X11 imake utility. This sofware works with OSS D45.00 or G05.00 or higher.
* IMAKE Compress Tar File 
* IMake Install Readme  
ANALOG 5.0 software if a free web statistics cgi program that will analyze your web log and product a nice report for you. This software require PERL 5.04 to run and the iTP webserver 3.0. If you want more information about this you can reference the analog website at This sofware works with OSS D48.00 or G06.04 or higher.
* ANALOG 5.0 Compress Tar File 
* ANALOG 5.0 Install Readme  
GNU NENSCRIPT software formats the specified ASCII files and produces PostScript output conforming to the Adobe Structuring Conventions. The output pages may be in landscape or portrait mode, with one or two columns, with or without headers. This sofware works with OSS D42.00 or G03.00 or higher.
* NENSCRIPT Compress Tar File 
* NENSCRIPT Install Readme  
ZLIB ZIP/UNZIP software provides you with the standard zip utilities. This software allows you to extract files from a .ZIP file. You may also create .ZIP files in the OSS enviroment too. It is compatible with PKZip 2.04g, WinZip, InfoZip tools and compatible. This sofware works with OSS D42.00 or G03.00 or higher.
* ZIP/UNZIP Compress Tar File 
* ZIP/UNZIP Install Readme  
GNU GZIP software provides you with the standard gzip compress/uncompress utilities.This sofware works with OSS D42.00 or G03.00 or higher.
* GNU GZIP Compress Tar File 
* GNU GZIP Install Readme  
GNU gmake 3.74 software provides you with the standard unix GNU make utility. Works with the standard make files and many that the OSS make will not. This sofware works with OSS D42.00 or G03.00 or higher.
* GNU Make Compress Tar File 
* GNU Make Install Readme  
NCSA HTTPD V1.5 the reliable NCSA http server with virtual hosting capabilities. This software support the D48 or G06.04 release.
* NCSA HTTPD Compressed Tar file 
* NCSA Setup Installation(Acrobat) 
* NCSA HTTPD Reference Guide(Acrobat) 
* NCSA VirtualHost Configuration (Acrobat) 
* NCSA Access Control and User Authentication (Acrobat) 
* NCSA Server Side Security Tutorial (Acrobat) 
* NCSA Imagemapping (Acrobat) 
* NCSA CGI Configuration (Acrobat) 
NCURSES 1.9.4 code for OSS D4x.01/G02 This is the source code with the compiled libraries and object code and test programs for the OSS environment. If you just want to use the software and not deal with the source code, you can download the binary file and install it.
* Curses Source Compress Tar file  
* Curses Binaries Compress Tar file  
CVS/RCS/DIFF is a Version and Revision Control system for OSS D48.00/G06.04 or higher. This software includes the file difference utilities also. The update fixes a problem with doing a diff on files larger than 56K.
* CVS RCS DIFF Compressed Tar file 
* Diff Utils Update  
* CVS User Guide (Acrobat) 
GUARDIAN SYSINFO is a utility that displays 20 of the most active processes in a cpu or for an entire system including all system processes. This utility updates the 6530 or VT100 display on a one second interval to provide you with current system utilization info.
*D30/D40/G03 SYSINFO Self-Extracting INSTALL 
*SYSINFO Readme  
GUARDIAN GREP is a utility that allows you to search for text strings or text string patterns in files. This version of GREP allows you to search for text strings either on an individual file, subvol, volume or all files on the enire system.
*GREP Binary Executable 
* GREP Man Page  
*GREP Install Readme  
VMSBACKUP utility provides the ability to restore VMS backup tapes (savesets) to the OSS system. You can list the files on the tape, extract one file, or restore the entire tape. This software works with the D42.01/G02.01 OSS or greater environment.
*D42.01/G02.01 VMSBACKUP compressed tar file
GUARDIAN PAK, UNPAK is a PKZIP like utility that provides the compressing and grouping of Tandem files into single archive file. These utilites use the Tandem backup/restore program in combination with compression to create/extract an archive. The PAK utility also has the ability to create self-extracting archives. This is a free utility provide by Tandem Finland.
*D20.01 PAK - PKZIP like Utility  PAKSX - Required for PAK
*D20.01 UNPAK Utility 
GUARDIAN COMPRESS is a unix utility compress a text or binary file of any size. This utility will handle compressed files from a unix or PC host.
* D38/D45/G06/J06 Axcellerated COMPRESS Executable 
* D48/G06 Native COMPRESS Executable 
* INSTALL Readme  
GUARDIAN NSLOOKUP is a utility that allows you to get the domain name server configuration of a host interactively. This program is standard on all unix systems and can help you verify the configuration of your name server and host that you access. This program was ported over to assist with our TNS version of sendmail.
*D30/D40/G06/J06 NSLOOKUP executable 
*NSLOOKUP Readme  
GUARDIAN NULL is a utility that reads a message from its $RECEIVE and replies with a zero error code. You can send any message to the NULL program and it will reply. This allows you to have bit bucket program on the Tandem. This program has been in use since 1988 and should work any Tandem system.
*D30/D40/G06/J06 NULL executable 
*NULL Readme  
MIX X-Server Software for Windows 95/NT and MacOS 7.x/8.x/10.x This software allows you to use a Windows or Mac computer as your display device for X-Windows software from the Tandem. This software is free for Windows 95/NT and Mac OS 7.x/8.x. The software for MacOS 10.x is the free beta from Apple computers.
*MacOS & Windows-95/NT Install README 
* MacOS 10.x X11 Beta from Apple 
*Self-Extracting X-Server for Windows-95/NT 
*Self-Extracting X-Server Fonts for Windows-95/NT 

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